Welcome to the home of the Glenmoore Eagle Youth Association's Little League Baseball.


Is GEYA the right Little League for your player?

We definitely want you to play with us and if you have made it this far, the chances are good that you belong in GEYA.  Still, we would recommend that you confirm that you either live or currently attend a school within our league boundary.  
Little Leagues are chartered in such a way that no single residence can be in more than one league boundary.  Details behind this rule can be read on the Residence Eligibility Requirements page of Little League International's website.

GEYA Baseball is an official chapter of Little League Baseball, Inc. and is a member of Little League's District 28. A general method for determining whether or not you live or go to school within the GEYA baseball boundaries is to look at the map below.  You can also try using the Little League District/League Finder to determine the Little League right for you.  If you have additional questions, please follow the steps outlined in the Little League guide titled How to Find a Local Little League.  Also, as of the start of the Spring 2014 season, if your child attends a school within our Little League Boundary you may participate in Glenmoore Eagle Little League. The schools that fall within our boundary include the following: Springton Manor, 

Once you have determined that GEYA is the right league for you, please go to Step 2: Review Age Eligibility.