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Hickory Park Concessions

Every year, the league asks each team to identify parent volunteers for a few shifts at the Hickory Park snack stand. This year each team is responsible for covering 2 shifts over the course of the season. That’s it! Each shift is, at most, two hours and 2 volunteers are needed per shift (4 slots per team on the Hickory Park Snack Stand SignUp).

Some of our players may only have a few games at Hickory Park during the regular season depending on their age group but the funds we raise at the snack stand benefit every GEYA player! SO we hope every family will pitch in and help so that we may continue to enjoy baseball facilities that are the envy of other leagues. The money we raise contributes to the remarkable improvements that have been and are still being made at ALL of our baseball facilities.

So thank you for doing your part!!!


If you have additional questions or feedback, please reach out to GEYA's Snack Stand coordinator, Kerry Kay at