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GEYA's Intermediate 50/70 Division

Over the past two baseball seasons, GEYA has participated in a Little League International pilot program for 50/70 baseball. Starting in the Spring of 2013, Little League has transitioned from a pilot program to an official Intermediate 50/70 baseball division.  The 50/70 division utilizes a modified baseball field with a 50ft pitching distance and 70ft base paths. Our new divisional structure for League 11 and 12 players, based on the guidelines from Little League International, will be as follows:
  • Intermediate 50/70 Division.  All League Age 12 players, and advanced skill 11 year olds (as determined by the annual pre-season evaluation).   All games are played on 50/70 fields.
  • Minor A Division.  League Age 11 players who do not play in the Intermediate 50/70 Division, as well as League Age 10 players.  Games will be played on a 46/60 field.
GEYA believes that this will provide an opportunity for players to not only transition incrementally from a 46/60 field to a full-size 60/90 baseball field at League Age 13, but allow GEYA to adapt to the changing environment of youth baseball and leverage our past experiences and converted fields.  Plus, the 50/70 Baseball Division will enable players to play baseball in a fashion similar to the baseball watched on TV!  

Intermediate 50/70 Regular Season FAQs

What does 50/70 mean?
Through age 12, Little League players typically leverage a pitching mound that is 46 ft from home plate.  The distance between the bases is 60 ft.  In the new 50/70 division, the pitching mound is increased to 50 ft and the distance between bases is 70 ft.
Why create a 50/70 division?
In the past, players who are league age 13 went directly to a field with a 60 ft pitching distance and 90 ft base paths from the 46 ft by 60 ft field that they were used to playing on.  The new 50/70 division offers a bridge to smooth the transition for 11’s and 12’s who want to play baseball on the larger fields at age 13.  Plus, it gives a new opportunity for 11’s and 12’s to play more advanced baseball.

Are the 50/70 rules different?
Yes.  Base runners get to lead off and pitchers have to learn to keep runners on base and/or try to pick them off.  There are other rules (such as the type of bat a player can use) which will be communicated over the coming weeks to participants selected to play 50/70.

Is there still a Major Red division?
No.  GEYA Baseball has exercised the option that Little League International has provided via their guidelines to evolve GEYA's previous Major Red division to the newly approved Intermediate 50/70 Division.  What was previously called Major Blue is now called the Minor A division.

Can a League Age 11 participant play in Minor A and 50/70 at the same time?
No.  A GEYA player who is League Age 11 can only play in one division.

Can any League Age 11 player participate in 50/70?
While all League Age 11 players with sufficient scores from evaluations are eligible for the Intermediate 50/70 division, there are a limited number of teams and a limited number of positions available on the rosters.  Any League Age 11 player not drafted into an Intermediate 50/70 team will automatically be placed into the draft process for the Minor A division.

Are there additional costs associated with playing in the Intermediate 50/70 division?
No.  The fee paid at registration covers the costs regardless of whether the player is drafted into Minor A or 50/70.

Intermediate 50/70 Post-Season FAQs

Will there be separate Memorial Day All-Star games based only on League Age?
No.  The Memorial Day All-Star games will be based on the divisions in which they players have been playing.  In the Intermediate 50/70 Division, the Memorial Day All-Star could be made up of both League Age 11 and League Age 12 players.  League Age 11 players in the Intermediate 50/70 Division will not play down with the League Age 11 players from Minor A for the All-Star game.  Similarly, the Memorial Day All-Star game in the Minor A Division could be made up of a combination of League Age 10 and 11 players.

Will there be a Little League World Series game for the 50/70 division?
Yes.  Little League will hold district, state and regional tournaments leading up to the World Series.  GEYA is a member of Little League District 28 (D28).
Will GEYA enter a District 28 (D28) tournament team for 50/70?
Yes.  GEYA Baseball will form a D28 tournament team for Intermediate 50/70 from the League Age 12 players in the division.  League Age 11 players may be eligible for a non-sanctioned D28 11U 50/70 tournament team.  That D28 tournament is currently being evaluated.

Is there a D28 tournament for League Age 11 players who are not in the Intermediate 50/70 division?
Yes.  GEYA will form a tournament team from League Age 11 players that will compete on 46/60 fields against other Little League teams from within D28 who are League Age 11 and played their regular season on 46/60 fields.
More questions?
Please reach out to  with additional questions.